Back to (Hybrid) School with Walmart

A huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Simon started kinder last year at a charter school that uses uniforms so I tried polos and pants from several different stores and ended up LOVING the ones I got from Walmart. This year more than ever I am taking advantage of how easy it is to online from Walmart. A ton of stuff is eligible for free next day delivery on orders of $35+ and whenever I have an item I need to return it is a breeze to do in store. The Back to School section is loaded with clothes, shoes, backpacks, and the newest back to school accessory — face masks.

We’re hoping to do the hybrid option where he’ll be at school two days a week so I grabbed some uniforms and he picked out a cute tracksuit for when we’re doing e-learning at home! He also needed new shoes and since he hadn’t gotten a new backpack since preschool I let him pick a new one out.


I am a big fan of the Wonder Nation uniform polos. They wash super well, the collar stays nice, the length is awesome for tucking in and you can’t beat the price! They are the ones I got last year and liked so much that I grabbed them again in his current size. I have had a hard time finding pants I like for Simon so I decided to try these French Toast uniform brand and I am super impressed. No iron, really nice sturdy fabric, and the main feature I look for – a pull on waistband.

One time I let Kyle take Simon for a new pair of shoes and he came back with a pair just like these but bright blue. I’ll admit I HATED them at first, hahaha. Just not the style I would ever pick (I definitely prefer more retro styles). But they’ve grown on me and Simon LOVES them, so when I saw them in bright red I knew they’d be perfect to go with Simon’s red, white and blue uniforms.

I browsed the backpacks and narrowed it down to about 8 for Simon to choose from. As I looked through I really liked the ones from ZIPIT, Eastport, and Wildkin. Simon ended up picking a camo one from ZIPIT and I love it!


Since we’re going to be at home a minimum of three school day a week for a while I let Simon pick out this cute tracksuit for e-learning days. He has been wearing it nonstop since we got it, so he definitely likes it!

It’s pretty unbelievable how different this year is (gotta love the joke about how none of us got the question “where will you be in 5 years?” right in 2015), so I love anything that makes navigating this madness a little easier. Grabbing this stuff online definitely made life easier!

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