Easter 2020

This might be the strangest Easter we ever experience, it’s still a few weeks away so who knows what will transpire by then, but in Vegas all non-essential business is closed at a minimum through April 16th so it’s looking like it will be a weird one. In the midst of this serious situation, I think it will be a really beautiful Easter. Slower, focused, intentional… Here are some things we’ll be using/doing and what is going in the kids “Easter Basket” along with some other Easter Basket ideas.


The two books I’ll be using leading up to Easter are the Jesus Storybook Bible and The Biggest Story (you can see my five favorite kids Bible books here). Another book I wish we had is The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross.

Last year for Easter we took a family hike and at the highest point we read the Easter story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Such a sweet memory and we might do it again this year!


We have a “vintage” Resurrection Eggs set, there are some on Amazon but the one I linked originally won’t arrive until after Easter so I don’t want to link any. It’s a cool interactive way to walk through the Easter story with visual cues to help the kids remember.

I grabbed some plastic Easter eggs on sale a couple years ago that you can dye, color, etc… so we’ll be using those. I don’t think we’ll be dyeing any real eggs this year, too hard to find them and I’d rather eat them!

A couple years ago we did some Easter handprint and fingerprint art (just look on Pinterest for ideas) and they turned out so cute!!

Michaels is offering curbside pickup (and have tons of Easter crafts, stuff for baskets, decor, etc…) but what is available varies from store to store so I’ll just leave the link here for you to check out.


Check shipping times before you order! I know Amazon is changing the way they do things right now to prioritize essentials (as they should!). I removed several items from my list because they wouldn’t arrive until after Easter but I can’t keep checking and items I’m including now may change in the coming days.

For a few years I did mostly art supplies with some Dollar Tree fillers. Here are some things I’ve included before and some other ideas:


BIGGER STUFF (size and/or cost)


Last year did 1-2 “bigger” items ($15-30 total) for each kid along with some Usborne books.

This year I’m doing one basket for both kids, and it’s not a basket, it’s a little wagon! Here’s everything that is going in:

  • Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon (won’t arrive before Easter now)
  • The Rabbit Listened (Book)
  • Kanoodle 3-D Puzzle Game
  • Crayola Window Markers (can’t find them available online now)
  • Usborne Books (the adding and subtracting activity book I got Simon last year was so great I got that one for Betsy this year and some more advanced math books for Simon)

Ideas for teens (things I have and think your teen might also like!):

I hope you got some good ideas here! Happy Easter! Be safe and stay home ๐Ÿ™‚

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