Betsy turns THREE!

My baby girl turned three yesterday. She can be sweet and sensitive, but she’s mostly spunky and sassy. Her full name is Elizabeth Ann but she doesn’t even know it, she’s always been Betsy. We got her name from my favorite childhood series “Betsy, Tacy and Tib”. She is such a chatterbox and one of her favorite (and most of the time my least favorite) things to do is tell me “I have to say one more thing” at bedtime once all the songs have been sung. We are in full fledged question mode with both kids and the nonsense questions drive me over the edge but there is nothing better than the real questions like “why does Jesus love us?” She can be whiny one minute and hugging me and telling me she loves me the next. She always wants to be included to the point of lying and making up her own stories of “school” and “camp” to be like her big brother. On the way home from AWANA last week she wanted to be like Simon who is learning verses in Cubbies and told us her “berse” which was “a bear was in a tree”. Then she asked me “what’s the wefwence?” (she hears me teaching Simon the reference to his verse).

She has adjusted well to this new life in Las Vegas, maybe a little too well, haha! When I asked her yesterday what she wanted to do for her birthday she said “I want to go to South Point to look at the games” (for those that don’t know, South Point is a casino a few miles south of the strip). So we went – walked through the casino, checked out some statues, and had lunch at Steak ‘n Shake. Her birthday party last night was a “puffer fish, mermaid, princess party”. She asked for a pink cake with black frosting and I had to use a whole bottle of black food coloring and that frosting did NOT taste good. Lesson learned. She didn’t nap so we had a few meltdowns during the party, like when she tried to walk in her new dress up play heels and didn’t do so hot. As much as I hate watching her get bigger, I loved celebrating my special girl yesterday!

I love you to Jupiter and back, Betsy boodle!!


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  1. Rachel Sharpe

    Love it! What a fun birthday. I didn’t know Betsy’s full name is Elizabeth Ann-that’s my middle daughter’s full name too, and we call her Lizzie. Great name! 🙂

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