creamy caramel oolong tea sipper – DELISH!

I have got to make it a habit to prep this drink – it is way healthier than any drink I would get on-the-go and saves me a ton of moola! Oolong tea is antioxidant rich and the best part – it supposedly helps speed up your metabolism! I love sweet, creamy iced coffee drinks so this tea, over ice with some coconut milk (or almond, or cows, or whatever!) and some Stevia Caramel Liquid Drops make the yummiest drink!

When we packed up to move across the country I got rid of ALL the food, cleaning supplies, etc… Except for this Caramel Stevia stuff, which is why the bottle looks so janky in the photos. But I was not willing to throw it away, haha!

It’s so easy – brew up some Oolong Tea.

Anyone else put a plate on top while it steeps?

At this point you can either pour it over ice and make yourself a drink NOW or put it in a jar with a lid and refrigerate it. I usually do both, AKA make one now and the rest goes in a jar for my next one!

I do a splash of coconut milk and a squirt of Caramel Stevia and done!

Here’s one made and the leftover ingredients ready to be stored in the fridge.

Trrrry it! You might love it like I do!

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  1. Yum! I’m a sucker for chai tea lattes and tend to treat myself at least once a week. This could be even better if I could make the time to do it at home!

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