NARS event: 4-year anniversary at the Forum Shops!

Since moving to Las Vegas in April I have SO enjoyed connecting with other bloggers and getting to attend some really fun events! Last Friday I got a night out at Caesars Palace for the 4-year anniversary of NARS Cosmetics at the Forum Shops.

Christie Moeller (fashion stylist/blogger extraordinaire) hosted this event with NARS and as per usual, it was fabulous. DJ Miss Joy brought her fun personality and music, there were delicious cocktails and cake pops, the NARS makeup artists were doing little makeovers and demo-ing products on us, and BombHair was there doing braids.

My first stop was of course to grab a cocktail. The stunning Natasha was mixing up delicious drinks with a smile.

Then I perused the makeup. I had actually never tried NARS makeup before and had asked over on Facebook what I needed to check out and the resounding consensus was anything in the orgasm color – especially the blush and lipgloss. I sat down with NARS makeup artist, Andy Lauger, to try some stuff out and he gave me an awesome little lesson, answered my million questions, and chiseled some cheekbones onto my face.

I was nervous about orgasm blush because I thought it would be too shimmery, and since I LOVE shimmery eyeshadow I didn’t know if a shimmery blush would be too much. I am happy to report that it’s a really subtle shimmer and such a gorgeous peach-pink color, not over the top. I bought two! One for me, and one to give away (read to the end to enter the giveaway!).

NARS just debuted this new Climax Mascara last month and I was really impressed by it! And such a great price point ($24) for a high-end mascara. It’s a very buildable mascara that won’t clump and the brush rocks.

I had no intention of buying a palette that night but I was almost instantly sold on this bad boy. It’s the Atomic Blonde eye & face palette and WOW. The bronzer can do double duty as bronzer, contour and crease color, the highlight is gorgeous, and the four eyeshadow colors are so pretty and gorgeous shimmers the way I like ’em. 🙂 Perfect for the woman on the go! This one palette replaces 3-5 other things I would normally pack in my makeup bag when going on a trip.

I was feeling FIERCE after the makeup and braids! I was super glad I had washed my hair that day, I wanted to (and did) keep those braids for more than that night! And let’s talk about those cheekbones. That would be Andy’s wizardry using the bronzer from the Atomic Blonde palette plus this brush (aptly named the sculptor) that I also had to buy! (also, can we give the Rosario Necklace a round of applause! I had so many people compliment me on it and ask to touch it!)

Andy did a demo with the awesome Casey from Casey Jade Photography, check out that quick cheekbone contour he did, again with the Atomic Blonde palette and the sculptor brush.

Here’s some more photos of the fun (stay to the end for the giveaway!).

@pandapillar and @theaudreyelizabeth

Tiffany Weekes | @wonderweekes



Curious what I bought? I mentioned a few but here’s the full rundown.


Alright, now I bet you want to win one of the iconic orgasm blushes! Here’s all you need to do. Comment on this blog post (scroll down to see the comment box) for one entry, and if you want two more entries, go comment on another one of my blog posts! I will pick a winner on Friday, September 21 and contact them directly!

This giveaway/post is not sponsored by NARS, I purchased all products mentioned with my own money. No purchase necessary to enter or win! Affiliate links were used throughout the post and you can read more about that here

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52 thoughts on “NARS event: 4-year anniversary at the Forum Shops!”

  1. Suzanne Christian

    Love the look of blush and bronzer on people, but I actually feel like I apply it incorrectly on myself. Maybe it’s the brush I use. Any pointers that you can pass on or maybe a good topic for a video.

    1. tinainreallife

      I learned a lot from Andy! I definitely want to do some makeup videos in the future!

  2. Ahhhh I LOVE your “cheekbones”! I would probably look like a clown if I attempted that 😉 Looks like it was such a fun night, glad you got to go out, have fun and feel fierce!!

    1. tinainreallife

      I didn’t pay attention to the price on the contour brush when I bought it and gulped a little when I went to link it, but that said it makes doing a great cheekbone contour SO easy!

  3. So excited about this Blog post! I have been eyeballing that pallet and think I need to tank the plunge!

  4. Allison Rossi Utter

    I love that blush & lipgloss! Been using for years. Those braids looked fierce on you!!

    1. tinainreallife

      the braids were so fun! I might schedule braids for me and Betsy sometime!!

    1. tinainreallife

      Super versatile if you’re into bronzing and highlighting! I don’t do that all the time but esp. when I’m on vacay I like to be a little extra so this is going to be a well-utilized palette for me! the eyeshadows are awesome, especially going into fall with those warm coppery tones.

  5. I have been looking forward to this post since you posted about going to the event! I need that pallet and the orgasm blush! and the mascara….ok all of it!

    1. tinainreallife

      so fun! this move to Las Vegas has definitely spiced up my social life, haha!

  6. You look so rock and roll with the braids! I’m inspired to try some on myself.

    1. tinainreallife

      They were so fun! I kept them in for a moms retreat I went to the next day and someone asked how I did them and I was like “no way could I ever do this to myself” haha!

  7. Your hair and makeup look awesome! I also really enjoyed seeing your other pics from the party – girl you are a talented photographer!

    1. tinainreallife

      ahh thank you so much! I feel so out of practice! I am really excited for the next event I can take photos at!

    1. tinainreallife

      it is such a universally pretty shade, I see what the hype is all about now!

    2. tinainreallife

      Hey girl! You WIN! I used a random number generator to pick and you ended up being the winner! I sent you an email!

    1. tinainreallife

      yes! always something to do here! but I definitely miss “home” too 🙂

  8. Tonja Lindgren

    You look great with the braids! I may have to make a trip to Nordstrom and try the orgasim blush!

  9. I’ve never tried anything from Nars, so I would love to try the Orgasm blush! I feel like I’ve heard about it for a long time, so it must be great!

    1. tinainreallife

      I have always loved makeup and also had never tried NARS! I am super impressed with their stuff!

  10. Megan Fisher

    I have always wanted to try the Orgasm blush since it seems so universally flattering.

  11. Lychelle Hollback

    I’ve never even considered NARS but now I’ll definitely be looking into it! Thanka for sharing!

    1. tinainreallife

      It’s good stuff! I didn’t really talk about it but I am loving the radiant creamy concealer!!

  12. Wow! It sounds like it was an amazing night. I miss living in Los Angeles and attending events like this.😉

  13. I just love the way you tell your story. It’s always so upbeat and fun AND real. My favorite part were your instant cheekbones.

    1. tinainreallife

      Thanks!! Haha, yes, I was pretty excited about the cheekbones he made appear!!!

  14. Countouring- I wish I knew how to properly do it! Maybe I need the right brush?!?!?!

  15. Rachel Sharpe

    What a fun event! I love your braids and make-up-you do look fierce! I’ve never tried NARS, but I would love to!

  16. Robyn Polesky

    I love your hair with the braids! I have too many to count NARS lipglosses 🤦‍♀️ I’m going to try their new mascara that you mentioned. I’m always looking for another good mascara

  17. Love the braids! Love that palette! I may need to try! Of course, love those cheekbones! So pretty!

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