personalizing my diaper bag backpack

I got this diaper bag backpack from Amazon at the beginning of summer and have LOVED it. We are on-the-go a ton in the summer and I like having the space to carry drinks, snacks, diapers, wipes, activities, sunglasses, extra clothes, etc…! Red is one of the main colors I wear in the summer so this bag has been a fun addition to my wardrobe too (but it does come in 8 colors if red isn’t your jam).

As soon as I got the bag I loved it, except for the patch/logo on the front that seemed to be a bad translation, haha. It said “LAND baby & mommy bag chic-mom give you the best care”. But otherwise this bag meets my needs perfectly. It is really roomy on the inside so the way I keep it organized is by using two clear zipper pouches – one for snacks and one for activities (crayons, notepads, little trucks, etc…). We are past the bottle stage so I use the insulated bottle spots on the front pocket for sunglasses.

After I got it I immediately thought I could put a fun patch over the “LAND” one and found this Etsy shop that has all these awesome vintage patches!

It looked like the patch had never been ironed onto anything so I probably could have just ironed it on, but I didn’t want to risk ruining the bag so I used this Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive┬áthat I already had. It took me just a couple minutes, I let it dry, and that sucker is on there good!

Etsy is a great place to look for patches, but with the popularity of patches right now there should be a wide variety at craft stores!

Here are some Etsy shops I looked at.

Patch Parlor – vintage patches

Wildflower & Co. – original/funky patches

Literary Emporium – two book themed patches

Iron On Patch Supply – wide variety of patches

Outlandish Goods Co. – patches with inspiring quotes

hello DODO – silly/cute patches

Asilda Store – photography/travel themed

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