how we celebrate birthdays! (hint: family, food, and Dollar Tree decor)

I’ve always loved to throw parties, and since having kids I’ve seen how wonderful it is to make birthdays special, but also how stressful it can be to try to make a Pinterest perfect party. I still get anxious when throwing a party, but since I threw the quest for the perfectly themed and trendy party out the window I have enjoyed the whole experience a lot more and I bet my family has too, haha ๐Ÿ™‚


My son will be four in December and he knows the drill for parties. We decorate, we have family over, and we eat cake (at least those are his highlights). We like to host parties at our house because our kiddos go to bed early, and in the winter we set up in the basement (the playroom/my office) and in the summer we use our screened in back porch.

I’ve bought party decor at Dollar Tree here and there for different parties and I save it and reuse it! Happy Birthday decor in bright colors works for any birthday party, and for Betsy’s first birthday I got some girlier stuff and will reuse that as well.
Here’s a list of things I get at Dollar Tree:

1. balloons (regular balloons that I blow up and decorate with and helium balloons for the kiddos chairs on their birthday)

2. crepe paper streamers

3. banners

4. napkins/plates

5. centerpieces

6. plastic tablecloths

7. pom-pom garlands

8. birthday pin

9. party blowers

I plan ahead more for the kiddos birthdays and one thing I like to do to make it more special is to design and mail out invitations. At two and older kiddos usually have favorite things and I will make the party somewhat themed – for Simon’s second it was train themed and the invites said “choo-choo, Simon is turning two!” So far we have just done family birthdays and will continue that a little longer.

We’ve done both homemade and store bought cakes. For the kids I loooove to do a homemade cake and have them help me make it! Simon’s dinosaur cake last year was the easiest thing ever, so cute and he loved it!

Last night we celebrated Kyle’s birthday and it was so fun seeing Simon remember last years parties and ask to help decorate. Literally the first words out of his mouth after nap were “I’m ready to decorate for daddy’s party!”

I think as the kids get older and can be even more helpful I will probably get a little more elaborate with their parties, but for right now pulling out the box of Dollar Tree decorations is absolutely perfect!

So, I encourage you mamas, if throwing a “Pinterest perfect” party stresses you out – let it go! Retrain that inner voice to focus on what really matters and not what others will see. You can have a cute, inexpensive party that celebrates the person and brings joy to your family. Simple decorations (that can be reused!), a simple cake, the people you love and a favorite meal. Boom. Done!


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