our five favorite Bible books for kids

We LOVE books at our house! We’ve always kept lots of books around and accessible to the kids and both of my kids (2 & 4) will sit and look at books by themselves and ask to be read to. I’ve been trying for about a year to make the bedtime story with Simon be a Bible story and have tried several different kids Bibles and have some favorites I want to share with you!

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The Jesus Storybook is my most recent purchase and I have LOVED reading this to Simon every night. I know a lot of churches that use the Jesus Storybook curriculum in their Sunday School classes for the little ones. It is such a beautifully written and illustrated Bible that doesn’t hide the “yucky” parts (sin, death, hate) but ties every story to Jesus and Him coming as the rescuer, the redeemer. Simon is almost 4 and sometimes it is a little too advanced for him (it is geared towards ages 4-8), but I’ve been taking it slow and every night we quickly review all the stories up to the point where we are at and it is awesome seeing him remember the names and the “why’s” of the story.

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes is laid out so wonderfully for preschoolers – the stories are short, one page of text with one page of illustration, and there are questions worked into the story to help you keep little ones engaged and learning. There’s also a sentence prayer at the end of each story. I prefer the Jesus Storybook for Simon now that he’s old enough to almost grasp everything, but I like this for before that point and need to start reading this one to Betsy (who just turned two)!

The Action Bible is SO great for elementary age kids (says for ages 9-12). It’s a graphic novel style with amazing artwork, and I like that it’s laid out chronologically! We bought this six years ago for a boy we were taking to church and liked it so much we got another copy for ourselves. They also have The Action Storybook Bible for ages 4-8, it is 15 key stories and geared for the younger ages, and there is The Action Bible ESV Study Biblewhich is the full ESV text with illustrations and a bunch of other awesome features – great for engaging tweens and teens!

I picked up The Biggest Story initially because of the beautiful illustrations but it is another one that weaves the redemptive thread through the whole story and I love it! It is a little advanced for my kids (ages 2 & almost 4) but not so much that we don’t enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures. It says it is geared for ages 5-8 (read to me) and ages 8-11 (read to myself).

This is such a neat book that I plan on incorporating into our curriculum when I start homeschooling Simon in a couple years. It takes systematic theology and connects it to the larger redemptive story of Scripture while making it fun for kids! The description says “kids discover a story of adventure, mystery, and wonder that leads them to the truth about God, themselves, and the world around them.” I am very excited to use this!

BONUS! Two more related books that I own and recommend!

Another great Bible storybook for little ones – the illustrations are beautiful and the rhyming is cute and well done.

Start reading this book to the kiddos as young as two and keep on reading it for years to come (for ages 2-8). It’s as much for parents as it is for the kids as it has a letter at the beginning and “9 ways to protect your child from sexual abuse” at the end. The actual story is laid out in a simple way that teaches kids that God made them wonderfully, they they have some areas that should be kept private and that secrets and surprises are different and they should never keep secrets from mommy and daddy. This is a hard topic and this book breaks it down and makes it much easier.


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