The Best Gift Ideas for Two-Year-Old Girls

Betsy’s second birthday is in a few weeks so I’m in gift mode! Since she has an older brother she skipped using a lot of baby toys since she was more interested in her brothers toys, and we already have too much stuff as it is, but here are some things we either have and love or that I’m thinking about for her. I try to keep clutter to a minimum so we only have a few toys out at a time and I try to get things that the kids can be creative, play pretend, and learn with.

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From backpacks, to baby dolls, art supplies, and outdoor toys – the thing you’ll see the least of here is cheesy toy sets. I think those have a time and a place and I don’t mind having a few around but I usually look at gift/toy lists and cringe at the amount of things that I DO NOT want in my home! Here are real gift ideas from a real mom. Every kid is different but these are things my daughter either has and enjoys or I know she will and can’t wait to give to her!

Backpack – ever since big brother started preschool Betsy is absolutely backpack obsessed. I grabbed the unicorn one when it was a crazy $6 deal and ended up basing her birthday party around it!

  1. Unicorn Backpack
  2. Butterfly Backpack
  3. Owl Backpack
  4. Flower Backpack

Baby Doll – Betsy already has a few dolls so I’m not getting her any more but if your little girl doesn’t have one yet this is such a great gift and here are some great options!

  1. Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Mariana – 12-inch
  2. JC Toys Baby Doll – 16-inch
  3. Baby Annabell – 14-inch – Betsy has this one – it’s so cute!
  4. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella – 15-inch

Doll Accessories – since Betsy is so doll obsessed and loves carrying her babies around, rocking them, covering them up, and taking care of them, I am considering a few of these accessories.

  1. Melissa & Doug Feeding Set
  2. Magic Baby Bottles
  3. 12 Baby Doll Outfits & Accessories
  4. Ergobaby Doll Carrier
  5. Baby Doll Diapers

Art Supplies – my kids love coloring and doing art projects, some of these things we already own!

  1. Coloring Cardboard Playhouse
  2. Water Wow Books, set of 3 – not the most creative thing, but great for a two-year-old to work on motor skills and grasp the idea of “painting”. Both of my kids love these.
  3. Melissa & Doug Standing Art Easel (get these rolls of paper too!) – we have the IKEA easel and love it, the thing I like about the Melissa & Doug version is that you can get the paint cups that fit the tray perfectly.
  4. Easy To Hold Toddler Crayons – we have and love these! Simon has moved on to markers and colored pencils but Betsy loves using these crayons!

Toy Sets – I try to be careful we don’t end up with too many of these toy “sets” but I do like to have a few, they each go in their own bin, we store them in the laundry room and get one out at a time.

  1. Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets – Betsy is stuffed animal obsessed and has a particular fondness for hand puppets!
  2. Hape Doll House – there are so many doll house options out there and I decided I didn’t want to go through several different versions, I just wanted one doll house that could grow with the kids and we could add furniture to as the kids get older, so we got this one!
  3. B. Dr. Doctor Medical Kit – we have a vet clinic set from the same brand and love it, but would love to have additional doctor accessories like this kit (ours just has the stethoscope, thermometer and shot).
  4. Minnie Mouse Super Styles Snap ‘n Pose – I snagged this at Costco for Betsy’s birthday. It is the cheesiest plastic toy I will buy her all year likely, but I think she’ll like it and I’ll keep it in its own small bin and only get it out every once in a while. 🙂

Practical – I am not at all opposed to some practical gifts! Here are some I am thinking about!

  1. Wet Brush – I have one for myself and need to get these mini ones for Betsy and keep one in her room, one in my bag, etc…!
  2. 4.5in Hair Bows, set of 15 – as Betsy gets bigger I’d like a set of larger bows like this! I love the rainbow set of smaller bows I got on Amazon and am sure I would love these!
  3. UGG Jorgen Bootie or Saltwater Sandals or See Kai Run Sneakers – good shoes are expensive but so worth it! Here are my top picks for a two-year-old girl for every season.
  4. Toy Vacuum – not truly practical, but somewhat practical in the sense that I can get my vacuuming done because each of my kids have a toy vacuum and “clean” alongside me. 😉

Outdoor/Active – these kind of toys are priceless! Some good outdoor activity means good sleep!

  1. Pink Cozy Coupe – this is a classic! We have one for each kid!
  2. Bilibo – considering this!
  3. Glide Trike – I got this for Simon several years ago and he liked it, but WOW! Betsy loves this thing!
  4. PlasmaCar – I didn’t know anything about these until recently and have heard so many great things about them! My in-laws are getting one for each of the kids for Christmas.
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