Father’s Day Gift Ideas!!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I have some gift ideas! All of these are either things my husband has and loves or ideas I got from him and my brother-in-law! Most are available from Amazon but a few are from elsewhere.


My husband likes Lara Bars so as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas I got him this big variety pack with 16 Lara Bar flavors! He loved it and has since reordered it! He likes having these on hand at work if he doesn’t have time to eat lunch or starts getting “hangry” late in the day. So pick whatever your hubby’s favorite kind of bar is and find a variety pack!

We usually buy gum at ALDI but Kyle really likes this kind of gum so this big pack with 6 containers is a fun gift! Pick your hubby’s favorite gum and get him a 6-month supply!

Men like meat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t know that my husband likes jerky all that much but I have recently started to really like it as a quick semi-healthy snack! Again with the variety pack, variety is the spice of life!

Kyle picked these up at an RV show and uses them a ton. They work for cans and bottles! I looked on Amazon and they don’t exist there, apparently it’s a chillingthemost.com exclusive!!

My husband is a cooking nerd and uses this infrared thermometer all the time to temp a pan on the stove before he puts ingredients in (same with the grill), uses it to temp meat, temp the kids food when it comes out of the microwave, etc…

I posted about these cast iron pans the other day. My husband uses two of them on the grill! He cooks pizza, veggies and a million other things on them.

A little cooler like this is so handy! Fill it with your husbands favorite beer for extra credit!


Skip the growler from the brewery and have your own really good growler ready to take and fill anywhere! We have had this one for just over a year and love it!

Father’s Day brunch at a brewery! We have done this the last three years and it is such a fun tradition!


There are so many different activity monitors and smart watches but this Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband is what I settled on for my husband a couple Christmases ago.

I am still rocking an iPad 2 and do not keep up with the latest tablets but this new Fire HD 8 Tablet is what Kyle has requested for this Father’s Day!

This UE Boom 2 wireless bluetooth speaker was one of Kyle’s Christmas gifts this past year and he loves it! He is way into audio books and uses it to listen in the shower, and if we’re outside working in the yard or grilling he brings it along for some tunes! I researched a bunch of bluetooth speakers and settled on this for it’s value (it reviews very well next to a more expensive speaker from Bose), it’s long battery life, and that it’s waterproof!


These bluetooth headphones work awesome and are very comfortable. At such a great value ($26.99) Kyle has a pair at home and at work!

A 10-foot phone charger is so handy! I personally had one and loved it when I was chained to a glider nursing a baby all the time, but it’s also handy for guys! Just make sure you get the right kind with the myriad of chargers there are now.


Kyle’s high school buddy Josh Alwine wrote this fishing book! If your husband is into fishing this is a great gift idea. I’m not just plugging this because a friend is the author, it has awesome reviews on Amazon! And your husband will be so impressed!

My dad, brother and husband all own these flip-flops and love them! They’re a little pricey but for a nice pair of flip-flops that will last more than one season I say well worth it!



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